Sunday, January 4, 2009

Competitive? Me?

I never really considered myself a competitive person. I was always annoyed by people who took games seriously (Sean calls them Game Nazis) and couldn’t just have fun without focusing on whether or not they won. Our Nike+ challenges were the first time I started feeling competitive. A certain someone could always see how many miles I’d logged before she did her run (well, not always, but usually). I kept telling myself that it wasn’t about winning – it was about motivating myself to be active. Right?

Flash forward SEVERAL months and we got a Wii. At first it was fun. But then Sean started beating me at EVERYTHING. And I don’t just mean beating…I mean slaughtering! For Christmas he got me Dance Dance Revolution. The other day he wanted to play DDR and I had absolutely no desire to play with him. Of course he’s so much better than me. How on earth could that be fun?

So today while Sean was out “Elmer Fuddin’,” I took the opportunity to try to earn the top spot on some of our Wii Fit activities. I even contemplated wiping our history clean since we’ve let a lot of people create Wii Fit profiles so it’s either Sean or someone else who held all the top spots. But NOT NOW!

I can already hear Nancy commenting about how I need to aspire to do better. Fooey on that. I don’t mind practicing but getting blown out of the water from day one just isn’t fun. I’d rather knit.