Monday, November 22, 2010

Advocare Day 22 and other exciting news

I was back up to 172.6 but I'm ok with that after Saturday's eating frenzy. I'll also say that having come this far, I'm definitely more considerate about what I eat. AND everything tastes so much better!

In addition to trying to lose 50 lbs (now 40), I've also been working on closing my abdominal separation. I have a separation of my rectus abdominis muscles. It's not pretty. You can see a diagram and learn all about it here. Many women have this condition, not just moms of multiples. I learned about the Tupler Technique this past spring and took a 3-session class from a local instructor. You measure your separation in finger-widths. Mine was 6 at the top, 8 in the middle and 4 at the bottom. I wore the splint and by the time I was done with my sessions, I was 3 on the top, 6 in the middle and 3 on the bottom.

It was too hot to wear the splint over the summer and I needed a new one since the velcro was shot on mine. So when it cooled down, I got a new splint and have been wearing it. I've been KINDA doing my exercises again but not like I should be. The other night I was laying on the floor with the babies and decided to check again. It's only 3 in the middle now!!! This has given me the motivation to really get on it and get this stupid thing closed! If only it would also get rid of the extra skin and fat :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Advocare Day 21 - afternoon

As of yesterday I was 171.6. I was 173 this morning but let me tell ya - I ate like a PIG yesterday. We went out for Sean's birthday. I had a stuffed mushroom appetizer at the Pub. Then we had sushi rolls (the fattening kind) at Sake. Then we went bowling and I had 2 appetizers there. It was like I couldn't stop eating. So I think the 173 this morning is AMAZING and also think it was mostly water considering how much salt I consumed last night.

I've more than made up for last night today and am poised to finish out strong. My only concern is dinner Wednesday night since we'll be traveling to visit my family. I'm not sure what I'm going to eat. I'm definitely ready for Thanksgiving dinner!

I keep going back and forth about what I'm going to do after I'm done. I still want to lose another 40 lbs. Sean was like, "Do you really need to lose another 40? Are you supposed to weigh 130?" I told him that that's the "recommended" weight for my height and frame. But in all honesty, I'd be thrilled with 140. I mean, how am I going to get to 130 without exercise?