Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Diaper Bag Debate

I’m still going to post about the showers but I have diaper bags on the brain today. Several of you know I’ve been trying to find the perfect diaper bag for months. I’m vertically challenged and already have trouble keeping a purse on my shoulder. So the thought of trying to carry a shoulder diaper bag while juggling two infant car seats was scary. I know how my laptop bag slides off my shoulder and slams into my leg. I don’t want to deal with a diaper bag doing this too, or worse, hitting the babies!

Given all this, I knew I wanted a backpack style. Naturally, this really limited my options. We’d looked at Babies R’ Us but the ones at the store were smaller than the backpack I still have from college (which only has a front pocket and doesn’t stand up on its own).

After shopping around online, I decided to talk to a few of my mom friends to see what they recommended. Another concern of mine was size. Just HOW BIG of a diaper bag does a mom of twins need? I believe Nancy’s response was, “I don’t think you’ll find a diaper bag big enough.” Great. Thanks!

So over the weekend I was doing more online shopping with our store credit and found this diaper bag – the Dad Gear Diaper Bag Backpack. We didn’t buy it from this site, it’s just that this site has the best pictures of it. One of the reviewers on Target’s site said that this bag was TOO BIG. Since we’ll eventually want a smaller bag, I wanted to start out with a more average-sized bag and then get a bigger one if we decided we needed it. I got tired of arguing and we ordered this in gray and black. It’s supposed to arrive next week so I’ll let you all know the verdict!