Tuesday, June 9, 2009

17 weeks

My Friday appt was actually rescheduled for yesterday. Both babies’ heartbeats are still really strong. As of week 12, their growth is right on target so that is great! She said one of the big concerns of a twin pregnancy is the cervix shortening and mine is great so far. I asked her about being high risk today (since everyone and their brother asks me about that) and she said, “Well, yes you’re high risk b/c there are 2 babies but not “freak out” high risk. Things are going really well.” She said if they see anything abnormal on any of my many ultrasounds they may send me to a high-risk dr. but that things continue like they have been, I won’t need to go. She said they’ll send me there for ultrasounds later in pregnancy only b/c the ability to monitor 2 babies at a time and they don’t have that equipment in their office.

Our twins are diamniotic and dichorionic (or di-di) which means they are in completely separate sacs and placentas. This is REALLY good b/c it lowers the odds of twin-to-twin transfusion (where one gets more nutrients than the other). This is really great news.

The doctor is not alarmed by my pubic bone/hip pain – just chalked it up to how my uterus has to grow quicker b/c there’s TWO babies. She said that massage and the chiropractor are great and to continue that as long as is comfortable for me. And actually, the pubic bone pain is gone! Yay! Now, I just get pinching in my lower back on the sides. When I first get up and put pressure on each leg, it pinches and hurts. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long.

I asked her how soon my travel could be possibly restricted – she said 27 weeks (which is August 16)!!! But that is only if there are issues. So far so good!!! The tech asked me today if I wanted to find out what they were but I told her no. Sean would’ve been bummed. We find out on June 19 – can’t wait!

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