Friday, November 12, 2010

Advocare Day 12 - morning

My meal update will have to come this weekend but I wanted to post an update on my weight loss. Yesterday I was at 175.2 and today is 174.2. I hope to continue making progress over the weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Advocare Day 10 - bedtime

Today was the last day of the 10-day cleanse and I was at 176 again. I really bumped up the water yesterday and today and cut back on the minimal complex carbs I was eating. If this continues tomorrow, I may actually add on some calories to see what happens since I'm not sure if I'm getting enough with the breastfeeding.

As for my energy. I drink one Spark in the morning in lieu of coffee. I feel like I could forego one if the afternoon but it's nice to have something besides water. I'm definitely not as groggy come 3pm as I was before the cleanse. And most evenings, I feel more energetic than I was before. I this my energy will be even better in a few days once I get caught up on my missed sleep.

I was able to resist a cookie sandwich thing they had at work today for someone's birthday. I don't even really like those kinds of things but let me tell you - I WANTED IT. So I'm thrilled I was able to resist.

Tomorrow I start the 14-day Max Phase. I'll be having meal replacement shake for breakfast. I also plan to kick it up on the veggies. This weekend, I'd love to get a few walks in!

Day 9
Breakfast - apple
Snack - egg, carrot sticks
Lunch - Leftover ginger chicken, steamed sugar snap peas, red quinoa
Snack - carrots, almonds
Dinner - Chicken breast, small salad, red quinoa
Snack - no snack

Day 10
Breakfast - apple
Snack - carrots
Lunch - Salad with canned salmon
Snack - no snack
Dinner - Turkey meatloaf, steamed cauliflower & broccoli, red quinoa
Snack - no snack

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Advocare Day 9 - morning

Well, the day I've been waiting for finally came. I was back up to 176.4. Four pounds? I keep telling myself I'm not going to obsess about it but I can't help but keep wondering what I did differently. The only thing I can figure is that the salmon dish had soy sauce in it so maybe it's water? I still feel very motivated so it's not a super big deal.

I was talking to our sitter about it this morning and she said she doesn't weigh herself that often. And that reminded me of another conversation I had with a coworker the last time I was working on losing weight. She said I shouldn't weigh myself daily or else it might become an obsession. My response? Um, look at me. Do I look like I obsess about my weight? NOT paying attention to my weight on a daily basis is what got me into the spot in the first place! Ever since I lost about 20 lbs a couple years ago, I've weighed myself at LEAST every other day - even during my pregnancy.

Granted, I think that weighing oneself is a personal issue, like so many things. I realize that a daily weigh in might cause problems for some people. I'm not just not one of those people. At least not right now. And once I get this weight off, I plan to continue with at least an-every-other-day weigh in. I don't plan on letting my weight get out of control again. I once dated a guy whose mom would work on losing weight if she gained 5 lbs. Five pounds is much easier to lose than 50.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Advocare Day 8 - evening

Today was rough because the babies woke up at 4:45. That, on top of them being up multiple times Saturday night made for a super tired mom.

I've had a few people ask me if I'm spending more money on groceries. That is definitely a big no. BUT, I have to add that we already buy a lot of produce. For most people, it would probably be an increase. Over the past year, I've been moving toward more of a plant based diet and cutting back on meat. I've haven't eaten this much meat in a long time. But it's working so I'm going with it.

Right now, I'm toying with continuing the diet part after I'm done with the challenge (except on holidays). And then doing the cleanse again in three months if necessary. That should definitely get me close to my 50 lb. weight loss goal. We'll see!

Day 7
Breakfast - Spark, pear
Snack - no snack
Lunch - salad w/canned tuna
Snack - hard boiled egg, almonds, carrot sticks
Dinner - Salmon and Avocado with Sesame Tamari dressing, steamed asparagus and collard greens (recipe to be shared at a later date)
Snack -

Day 8
Breakfast - Fiber drink, apple
Snack - hard boiled egg, almonds
Lunch - salad leftover salmon, red quinoa, greens
Snack - Spark around 2:30, I wasn't going to have a snack but the babies wouldn't eat the plain scrambled egg we made for them so I ate that
Dinner - Spicy Ginger Chicken with sugar snap peas and brown jasmine rice
Snack - Don't think I'll be having one @ this rate.

Advocare Day 7 - lunchtime

Busy morning but I just wanted to say - 172.2! Insanity I tell ya! I have some recipes to share later.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Advocare Day 7 - morning

174.4! Every morning I prepare myself to maintain or gain and can't believe it when I'm down another pound! Craziness!

Yesterday I had a late lunch because we were doing M&E's 1 year pictures. I packed lunch for me & the babies and we ate in the mall food court while we waited for the pictures to be printed...while Sean ate Gold Star Chili. A girl nearby was eating Taco Bell. And I could smell all the rest of the yummy food. Including my new favorite vegan restaurant there - Loving Hut. Granted, I could've eaten there, but we had all those fresh greens that needed eaten.

Day 6
Breakfast - pear
Snack - hard boiled egg
Lunch - Salad with tuna and balsamic vinegar & EVOO
Snack - carrots & almonds
Dinner - baked chicken breast, sauteed swiss chard and brown jasmine rice and hot sauce

Today, I want to make some quinoa to mix it up a bit. I'm just trying to decide what to add to it to flavor it up. We have some fun things planned for dinner this week.

I can't help but wonder how this would be going if I could manage to squeeze in some exercise too.