Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10 Ultrasound

We had a growth scan today where they measure the babies to make sure they’re growing like they should be. The tech was figuring out how they laying and I started to feel queasy. I drink my juice watered down and thought maybe I hadn’t added enough water and that was what was bothering me. The tech noticed I was fidgeting and asked if I need to sit up. I said yes and we continued.

I was still uncomfortable and the queasiness was increasing and she asked again so they sat me up some more. We got a little more done then I said something about being hot. That must’ve really alarmed her because she told Sean to open the door and then she got some wet paper towels and put them on my neck and wiped my head. At this point, she had me sitting straight up. But I think the wheels were set in motion. I said something about not feeling good still and asked if I should stand up. She told me no because she didn’t want me passing out. She told Sean to go into the hall and say “We need a nurse.” He went searching for one. Meanwhile, my hearing was going and I could feel darkness creeping up. I kept closing my eyes and she was mildly shaking me – stay with me! All I could think was, “Why don’t they have a fan in here?”

Finally two nurses rush into the room. Of course the blood pressure cuff in that room was attached to the wall and too far away from me. They finally got one and took my blood pressure – it was 90 over 60. I saw that one of them had smelling salts. I’m SO glad she didn’t need them. They got me some juice (not watered down – I couldn’t finish it) and I was all better. They asked if I’d eaten breakfast. I told them I’d just had an egg sandwich with some juice on the way there. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I hadn’t.

Since the whole purpose of today’s ultrasound was to do measurements and both babies are head down and VERY low, they still had to put me on my back for a little bit with a break in between. Baby boy weighs 1lb 12oz and baby girl weighs 1lb 13oz so they’re right on target with that and very close together so that’s great! Their heartbeats were 143 and 146 but I don’t remember which was which now after all the chaos.
Now that they’re so much bigger it’s hard to decipher what’s what in the pics so you’re all on own with that. Scroll to the end for the 26 week pictures.

And just for those of you who don't know, when you lay on your back during pregnancy, the weight of the babies presses down on blood vessels in your back and restricts blood flow. This is why they tell pg ladies not to sleep on their back. Everything is fine!