Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback to December 2007

It's funny to read this now. While I still agree with the album choices, there are definitely some I'd add... but maybe later.

Sometimes thoughts flow into my mind and I am overcome with an urgent need to get them down, to share them. I am in the process of making a special CD for a special friend who is going through a big life change right now. I had asked for input of a few select people and k8 suggested The Heart of Life from John Mayer's Continuum.
I can't always associate the name of a song with the actual song so I pulled it up in my iTunes and was instantly hit with this need to express how much I love this entire CD. For me, this CD is one of those rare CD's where you can put it on, listen to the ENTIRE thing and just go to a happy place. The minute I played this song I was reminded how much I love this CD (sometimes I have to put a CD into early retirement so that I won't get sick of it from listening to it too much).
My next thought was being at home all comfy on the couch, sipping tea during late afternoon…listening to John serenade me to sleep. There are many other CD's that I like to listen to beginning to end.
Here are a few of them…in no particular order.
The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
Alright Still – Lily Allen
American Idiot – Greenday
Descended Like Vultures – Rogue Wave
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace – Foo Fighters
Love.Angel.Music.Baby – Gwen Stefani
Songs About Jane – Maroon 5
Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind
Let Go & Under My Skin – Avril Lavigne

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Revisiting July 28, 2007!

In honor of my 30th birthday, I decided to put together some of the things I've learned and observed in my 30 years on this planet. Some of these things may seem like contradictions…the key, as in everything else, is finding the right balance.
1. Keep a real dictionary nearby - the potential to learn new words is greater this way. You can't help but see nearby words!
2. Be objective - or at least TRY to be objective, all the time.
3. Don't take things personally. What does it matter what other people say or do? Trust me, this is truly liberating and will save you a LOT of headaches. It takes work but its well worth it.
4. Keep your bad thoughts to yourself. Ninety nine percent of the people you encounter on any given day at any given moment do NOT want to hear YOUR sob story – they have their own! Stay upbeat and positive and people will love to be around you. This is something I still struggle with.
5. Send handwritten mail - people LOVE to get mail that isn't bills!
6. Smile
7. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
8. Never put anything valuable in your trunk after you've reached your destination. If you want to do this, stop before you get there and do it. If you wait until you've gotten wherever it is that you're going, a mean person could be watching you, drill a whole in your trunk, and take your purse.
9. Credit cards are bad....use with extreme caution.
10. Learn to balance your check book and do it!
11. ALWAYS say please and thank you.
12. Don't be afraid to ask questions...(most of the time) it is better to find out than go around not knowing what you don't know! There are also some occasions where there are things you should already know and asking would make you appear uneducated. It is important that you learn the difference. My rule of thumb is – is knowing the answer to this question necessary for me to continue on this conversation OR will not knowing the answer to this question cause potential problems?
13. Floss
14. Don't hold grudges. This messes up your Qi.
15. Don't be afraid of a little your wardrobe, in your diet, in your life.
16. Carry your cell phone charger in your carry-on. You never know how long you'll be stuck without it if your luggage gets lost.
17. Don't sweat the small stuff. Seriously, it is not worth getting upset at inanimate objects. If something isn't working, take a break. Go back later when you can handle it.
18. Use a Neti Pot twice a day. It may seem gross but it will improve your health and overall quality of life.
19. Don't be afraid to try new things...especially new FOODS. Yum. And, of course, the Neti.
20. Don't be afraid to admit that you're wrong.
21. Practice active thinking....whenever you read, see, or hear anything - actually THINK about it and decide if you truly believe it! If you don't, form you OWN opinion!
22. People who claim they have a lot of anything (work, money, girth), usually don't.
23. Learn alternate routes to work, school, church - anywhere you frequent, BEFORE you actually need to. This will come in handy in times of extreme traffic, weather or acts of God and you get to take the scenic route and actually ENJOY it.
24. You can always learn a lesson from your interactions with other people.
25. It's all relative. This little tidbit came from Mr. Snyder in the 8th grade but I didn't fully understand it until recently. We are constantly comparing things, people, and places. So keep this in mind when you're feeling high and mighty AND when you're feeling down in the dumps. This is yet another reason to just be yourself. THAT should be Nike's slogan.
26. We all have the right to be 100% content, happy and loved. Do not let others get in the way of this right. You have to look out for yourself.
27. Sometimes you have to be selfish.
28. Don't go around saying "sorry" all the time. Not only is this habit annoying, but it lessens the impact of the word when you truly mean it and makes it appear as if you are to blame for things when you're not.
29. Always be on the lookout for your next job. I read this gem in one of my FAVORITE books, The Big Sister's Guide to the World of Work.
30. Be nice. You get more with sugar :)
I am sure my thoughts and beliefs will continue to shift over the years. Maybe I'll update this list when I turn 40…and maybe at 50 and 60. I can't even fathom what things will be like in 20 or 30 years. My precious iPod will be an antique by then!