Monday, July 20, 2009

Belly - July 20, 2009 Edition

We took a belly picture today and it even shocked me! I really didn't think it had grown that much in the past three weeks but boy has it! Grow babies grow! You'll probably be seeing a new outfit soon. I don't know that this shirt will fit much longer. Which is fine because it's not even a maternity top!

From Belly

Shoes! Can I find some shoes please?

So the hunger may be kicking in. I’m not sure because most of the time I can’t eat very much before getting full. Sunday I woke up at 3:30 a.m. with hunger that couldn’t be ignored. It took 2 bowls of cheerios to squash it. Hopefully that doesn’t become a regular occurrence because it’s really annoying.

A couple a weeks ago it became apparent that mama needed some comfortable shoes that would accommodate swollen feet. Joan came to town and we went all over Dayton looking for comfortable shoes. It was awful because it was the weekend that it was in the 90’s and my feet were really swollen. She kept saying, “You need some crocks like the nurses wear.” I knew Crocs had come out with some new styles so when it was getting late and we still hadn’t found anything, we headed to the only place I knew we’d be able to find Crocs for sure – Dick’s. I got the last pair of 9’s in the Malindi (in black) and a pair of Cleos (in black and lavender). I wanted the Patricia because it has a bit of a heel but even the 10 wouldn’t fit over my fat foot. I LOVE MY CROCS and have even ordered another pair since. I ordered a pair of Olivia in brown. They have free shipping in July so hurry up and get you some!

We’ve spent the past couple weeks boxing up stuff and lugging stuff to Sean’s parents’ basement and out to the garage to make room for babies. This past weekend Sean painted the nursery. We also ordered the furniture and the bedding. I about had a heart attack when I logged onto Babies R Us and they didn’t have the furniture we wanted in the finish we wanted. But it turned out in our favor because I ended up finding it somewhere else and we didn’t pay shipping for a single thing! That would NOT have been the case if we’d ordered from Babies R Us.

We’ve decided to do pink and green for the bedding. I even found some cool wall decals that match!