Friday, April 24, 2009

Week 10

The food aversions seem to waning which is a very good thing. Especially since the only things I did want to eat were junk food, junk food and more junk food. A lover of vegetables, it was very weird for me to be repulsed by them. And all the other foods I love for that matter. Today, I actually thought about things to have for dinner next week and didn’t start to feel nauseous. We’ll see what happens as the afternoon progresses. Afternoons and evenings seem to be the worst for my aversions and nausea.

Today is a super tired day. Fridays are especially tough. After a week of work, I’m ready to crash. And we need to find a gift for a one-year old tonight. I’d also like to squeeze in some bra shopping but unless I get an energy rush between now and then, I don’t see that happening.

I’m going to vent about it here because I don’t think many people read this blog, and I guess I don’t really care if people do read it. I want to say it. I really wish people would think before they speak. I don’t want to hear things like, “Oh, just wait and see (what it’ll be like).” Or, “Better you than me. I could only handle one baby.” I’m not speaking for Sean (although I know he was just as shocked as I was to find out there were TWO babies in there), but I was mentally, emotionally and financially prepared for ONE baby. Never in a million years did I think I would have TWO. But as freaked out as I was or as scared as I sometimes feel, I’ve decided to look at this as a blessing and focus on the positives. So if you can’t think of anything nice to stay, just don’t say anything at all. I won’t be offended.

On a lighter note, I got a new, much longer belly button ring. Two inches to be exact. I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I ordered it because two inches is really long! I put it in last night and it sticks out on both ends and you can see it through my clothes. I’m sure I’ll eventually need something like that but not just yet! I’ve since ordered a shorter one that should work much better!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 15, 2009

I feel like I’ve been run over by a train today. The nausea continues to get worse every day and today I’m super tired. Despite having eaten steadily all day, I haven’t been able to shake the nausea. I know I still shouldn’t complain because at least I haven't gotten sick. Yet.

I’ve now told everyone at work. It was hard enough not telling people before but now it’s even harder. It’s fun freaking everyone out. EVERYONE responds to the word “twins.” Actually, most people think we’re kidding. Why would I kid about that?

April 13, 2009

We went for our first ultrasound on Thursday (4/9). I don’t know about Sean but I went in there just wanting to know that everything was ok and see the heartbeat. The tech got the wand where she needed it and there were two spots on the screen. I just thought they had it on “double image” or something. But then she said, “Looks like there are two.” My first thought was, “this can’t be” but was quickly pushed out by a flurry of other thoughts. I felt my heartbeat rise and I started laughing and crying – I just couldn’t stop. I finally managed to ask, “Are you sure?” She calmly answered, “Yes.”

She asked if twins ran in the family. I told her, “My great-grandma had 9 kids and there weren’t any twins!” Sean was dressed for work and had to get up and take his long-sleeved shirt off.

- I have since found out that my great great aunt on my dad's side had twins.

March 31, 2009

I can’t really think straight or focus and just feel so tired I thought I’d type a blog in hopes of staying awake. I’m really just tired all the time. I don’t really fall asleep unless its bedtime but I barely have energy to do anything. Which makes life one big challenge right now because I have a lot I should be doing.

This weekend is my sorority 50th Anniversary. I’m putting together a photo Montage for the event and it’s not finished. Once it is, I need to burn 50 copies. Not to mention, I really need new shoes to wear.

Yesterday, I felt a little queasy in the evening but it wasn’t anything awful. The lack of ANY energy is worse to deal with.

March 23, 2009

Even though I’m able to go back to sleep fairly shortly after waking up in the middle of the night to pee, I’m still unbelievably tired. Like barely able to function tired. I rested for half of my lunch hour but the relief didn’t last long. I’ve chewed gum, walked around the building, drank ice water and even ate some Kashi Go Lean Crunch (it’s super crunchy) in hopes of it helping me feel more awake.

We visted the Benedek’s over the weekend. Despite my excitement about being pregnant, I couldn’t bring myself to tell them out loud. Sean had to do it. I can’t explain why. I think Nancy suspected but she said she wasn’t there yet…

I’m so glad I finally go to the doctor this week. Only two more days.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

March 19, 2009

I’m sure a lot of people would want to hit me for saying it, but I almost want a little morning sickness so I’ll know this is all for real (until I go to the dr). It’s like the ongoing breast tenderness and lack of a period isn’t enough for me. And yes, I realize that saying this could totally come back to bite me.

I felt a little crappy yesterday afternoon but assumed it was b/c I had been up since around 4:30 (I woke up and could NOT go back to sleep). That’s been one thing that I’m not sure is caused by being pregnant. Since my body was really starting to “be” pregnant around the time we changed the clocks and lost an hour, I’m not sure if that’s the real cause of my sleep disturbances.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

March 16, 2009

Since Sean & I decided to wait until after our first appointment, I decided to write some blogs in advance. It’s WAY harder than I thought it would be to keep everything under wraps. Fortunately, I’ve gotten to tell two people out of necessity – the receptionist at the Ob/Gyn’s office when I called to make an appointment and the nurse at my allergist. Speaking of the allergist, I can continue my injections but they will not raise my dose while I’m pregnant or nursing. That’s right, I said PREGNANT.

It’s so hard talking to my family, friends and co-workers and wanting to share the good news with them but feeling like it’s a bit too early. It will be especially hard because of the next three weekends. We’re visiting friends in Ft. Wayne this weekend. Then the next weekend Kathaniel is coming to visit. And the next weekend after that is May Day. We’re telling my family over Easter so I’m guessing we would’ve told Sean’s family by then. We’ll see.

Even though I’ve always been a firm believer about waiting until the 3 month mark, we’ve decided to tell family and close friends sooner than that since we’d want them to know if, heaven forbid, anything bad should happen. But we’re waiting until the first dr. visit, which unfortunately isn’t until March 26 because they have so many physicians out on vacay right now.

Normally, I consider myself to be even-keeled. But the emotional roller coaster that I’ve just begun really threw me for a loop over the weekend. Not to mention the fatigue. I know this party’s only just beginning but I’m tired already.

So far the biggest bummer has been my tea. I miss it. Before, I’d have a few cups of my herbal tea a day, plus a couple glasses of unsweetened decaf green tea. Apparently, green tea leaches all the Folic Acid from your body, which you need during pregnancy, so I cut that out. And I’m waiting to get a final verdict on the herbal tea from my dr. I only drink about 2 cups a day and they’re not things like St. John’s Wort and Ginseng. They’re just fruity teas that usually have things like hibiscus in them and a bunch of other ingredients I keep reading conflicting information about. I have no problem abstaining from all the other pregnancy no-no’s but I miss my herbal tea!!! I didn’t expect that :) I’ve found a few that seem to be ok.

Lost without Lost

Originally, I was excited to hear that Lost would be airing a "special" in place of a new episode tomorrow. I even considered it a great anniversary gift from the Lost gods. But now that I've had time to think about this and realize that it's really just a "clip show" and they're doing this so they'll get all the final episodes including the final on during May Sweeps, I'm a little bummed.

It wasn't until yesterday that I realized this is probably why there wasn't an official Lost podcast after last week's episode. Part of the podcast always includes a pre-hash of the next episode. What is there to pre-hash when all we're getting is a stupid clip show!? And does this mean there won't be a Doc Jensen blog this week?

And it was after this series of thoughts that I wondered, does being this into Lost mean that I need more of a life?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Claire's stuff is cheap

I really should know better than to buy my nose rings at Claire's but I did it anyway. Maybe this time I'll learn my lesson. I'm on #2 of a three pack that I just opened sometime last and rhinestone #2 just fell out. This has happened before so I'm not sure why I bought them at Claire's last time.

The ones at Hot Topic last forever. I'm only assuming they were out. No more Claire's (at least for body jewelry) for me!