Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A week ago I felt the first movement. It was the first time I could say without a doubt that what I felt was a definitely a baby moving in there and not something else. It is progressively getting more frequent. Up until yesterday, I felt our little boy more. And from the way he’s acted up at the past couple ultrasounds, I wasn’t surprised. He must take after his father  I know the babies are 4 or 5 days apart so this may be why. I’ll have to ask which one is ahead at the next visit.

So far, Sean has only been able to feel the little munchkins once and I’m not sure which one he felt because he felt it when I was sleeping. I haven’t noticed any patterns or things that make them more active yet. But I figure that will change any day now. I have close to a full pound of baby in there by now!

We’ve taken two belly pictures so far. It’s amazing the difference four weeks makes. And I’m sure it will just keep getting more amazing.

An apple with a stem and one without!

We had our anatomy ultrasound on June 19. They did baby A first… and we found out it was a BOY. They measured a million things and he’s doing great. He was very active and squirmed all over the place. But fortunately, we got a nice clear view of the money shot.

Then they moved on to baby B. After they got done measuring a million things, we found out it was GIRL! We were thrilled to find out we were getting one of each. The tech had a hard time getting a good view of baby B’s face because baby A’s foot kept coming into the picture. To which I said, “Quit kicking your sister!” And it probably won’t be the last time I say that!

Both babies weighed 7 oz and both had a heart rate of 148. That’s the first time that both their heart rates were the same.

Calling everyone to tell them what we were having was almost as fun as telling everyone we were having twins. It’s still kind of hard to believe that the McWilliams family is going to have a boy! I wonder if Dad will know what to do?

From Twins

From Twins