Friday, January 16, 2009

Look at all the clouds!

When I was little, the road to grandma and grandpa’s went past several “cloud-making factories.” Now that I’m older I know that they were power plants but it’s still fun to think of them as cloud-making factories.

This morning on my way to work in sub-zero temperatures, EVERYTHING looked like a cloud-making factory. The cars, manholes, all the buildings – even the river! It was kind of crazy to look out across the city as I was dodging all the jerks on 75 who don’t know how to use their turn signals and see all the clouds materializing out of this little concrete jungle I call home.

As fun as it is to pretend that the buildings are spitting out clouds, I’d still rather it was warm enough that I couldn’t see any of this going on. Hurry up spring - I'm cold!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Music Twin

I have a music twin and her name is Kate. I’m glad I have her because it isn’t very fun sometimes living with someone who loves death metal and doesn’t really care for normal music (normal being anything BESIDES death metal – love you Sean!). I have TRIED to find something positive about death metal but I don’t think my love affair with it is meant to be.

It’s very nice to have someone who you can share the things you love with and not have them turn up their nose or say, “I don’t really like John Mayer/The Foo Fighters/Etc.” BTW – if the only John Mayer (or most other bands for that matter) you’ve heard was on the radio, you’re missing out on a LOT. It also works out nicely the other way – my music twin shares music with me and makes a great concert companion. And even though our love affair for music doesn’t go full circle – she doesn’t share my undying devotion to DMB and I don’t really like The Clarks – it’s really a match made in sibling-heaven.

I listen to things in phases. One month I can be on a DMB kick and then the next I can’t get enough of the Dixie Chicks. For the past couple months, I’ve pretty much solely listened to the Twilight playlists Stephenie Meyer posted on her site (they’re awesome BTW).

My good ol’ buddy Steve gave me a $15 iTunes gift card for Christmas so I bought a few new songs that inspired my January 2009 playlist. Only a handful of songs are new – some of them are downright OLD. What are YOU listening to right now?

January 2009

In Your Atmosphere – John Mayer

The World Spins Madly On – The Weepies

Sober – Pink

Love Lockdown – Kanye West

Circus – Britney Spears (that’s right – Britney Spears)

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here – Weezer

That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

The Stone – Dave Matthews Band (This has taken over as my #1 favorite DMB song)

The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down – Blue October

Live Your Life – T.I. featuring Rihanna

Winter Song – Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles

Talk Tonight - Oasis

Disturbia - Rihanna

Given Up – Linkin Park

Have You Got It In You? – Imogen Heap

Rain on Every Weekend – Alaska in Winter

Butterfly – Jason Mraz

Move You – Anya Marina

Full Moon – The Black Ghosts

Decode - Paramore