Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everyone has limits

Everyone has their limit for different things. When it comes to green living, what is simple or necessary for one person can be completely overboard for another. I read a LOT of blogs about natural or green living so I'm constantly learning about new things. Just this past week I read about washing your face with oil, "family cloth" and lactofermented vegetables. I find all of these things fascinating, regardless of whether they're something I would ever incorporate into my life.

Another example of this is line drying. I wanted an umbrella clothes line for a while to sun my diapers. When I first expressed my desire for one, Sean said, "That's what I bought a dryer for!" To me, it seemed perfectly logical to hang clothes when we had the time (weather permitting) and save a few pennies. We eventually got one and now I hang clothes out when possible. I love it!

One of the crazy blog posts I read this week was about "family cloth." While I would consider doing this, I shared the idea with a few people who thought it was COMPLETELY overboard. My sister even requested that I please keep toilet paper around for guests. I knew from reading various online forums that some people don't use toilet paper. And I always wondered what they used instead. Bidets?

For me, it wasn't that out there since we already wash diapers daily. So what's the big deal if we wash some big people wipes? I knewfigured this was a bit much for Sean but decided to approach it with him as if I really wanted to do it - just for kicks. Surprisingly, his response wasn't as crazy I as expected, but he definitely wasn't down with it.

I read an interesting forum thread once where someone asked, "What green living things would you absolutely not consider?" Would you stop shaving your legs? Would you stop using deodorant? Would you use mama cloth/diva cup/etc? For now, we'll definitely be using toilet paper around here.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've been toying around with actually having a focus to my blog. Up until now, it's been part personal, part green living. Yes, I know people make money blogging. But I don't feel like I have that kind of time to devote to my blog. But yet I want to.

And then there's that other issue. The one where I'm torn between wanting people to actually READ my blog and wanting to keep it from people I know for fear of offending someone or opening my thoughts and/or writing up to criticism. Or worse, what if no one cares to read it? I can't even get my husband to read it and I even set Google Reader up on his homepage so it would show him when he had new posts to read. I mean how lame can my blog be if HE doesn't even read it?

But does any of that even matter? I love reading other blogs about green living. Maybe there's someone out there who would like to read mine?