Sunday, April 3, 2011

Halfway through shampoo detox

I got a haircut last week and they used shampoo (it was stinky Aveda stuff - am I the only person who doesn't like the way Aveda products smell?). What could I do? Pull out my baking soda/water solution and ask them to use that? They'd think I was crazy! Besides, I was secretly jonesin' for a shampoo. The only way I can describe how my hair feels during this transition is how your hair feels when you've had an updo done and they used a LOT of product and you've taken your hair down but still haven't washed it. It doesn't look greasy but it doesn't feel like I'm used to it feeling, that's for sure!

So using shampoo basically put me back in square one and yesterday was my second one-week mark. I did do a quick internet search to see if maybe I should use a little more baking soda. But I think what I'm experiencing is normal. I did find this site that has a LOT of information.

I've still only gotten a comment from one person that my hair looks flatter than normal. It was funny because I was actually in the middle of explaining to him that I think it was my scarves making my hair look fuller when another coworker came by and commented about how great my hair looked! Ha, take that!

I'm hoping that my hair is feeling halfway normal by Saturday.


Nancy143 said...

I love the way most Aveda products smell. I just wish they worked a little better. I know you're all into natural stuff, but sometimes a girl needs some good old fashioned chemicals to control the fro :)

summerific said...

Your hair is obviously WAY different than mine, and I know from talking to you that it's definitely requires way more TLC. This is JUST an experiment for the time being.... I must say I'm missing my chemicals right now too.